52^ White Truffle Festival

52th National Truffle Fair of Acqualagna, 29 October and 1-4-5-11-12 November 2017, Acqualagna. Its long tradition of research, production and sale of truffles makes its market ... read more


Homemade Production

The taste of a production made "in house" and the customer service of a structured company are the two principles that guide the entire process of the company Acqualagna Tartufi.


Production Process

In the plant are all stages of the production process: the selection of fresh truffles, cleaning, preparing traditional recipes, sterilization and packaging. read more...


Tips about truffles

We recommend storing the fresh truffles in the refrigerator compartment at the bottom of vegetables, (+2 °, +3 °) in a closed vessel individually wrapped in paper towels and replace it as soon as it is moistened.


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